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  • Is outreach for me?

    Outreach is an alternative to regular high school, where you still receive the same high school curriculum!  The government of Alberta has opened outreach as an option to more students than ever before!  Flexibility is our name.

    To attend outreach you need to call and make an appointment for you and a parent/guardian, where we explain our three outreach options.

    Some Frequently asked questions include:

    Do we offer the regular curriculum?  Yes we do, although we mostly offer dash two courses, we also offer dash one courses in English, math and science, including biology and all the work experience/CTS courses you need to graduate.  You write the same PDE's here that you would in any Alberta high school and receive the exact same high school diploma.  We offer school programming from grades 10 to 12.  We are also non-semestered so you can start anytime during the regular school year.

    What is different at an outreach school?  We offer smaller, work as you go, school areas, with help from regular teachers.  Since we don't have classes, you are never behind, and you can also work ahead if you desire.  We provide a less rushed and more personal service over what a regular high school may be able to offer.

    What three programs do you offer?  We offer a regular in school program, a part-time program and an at home program.  Since we are an outreach school attendance can be measured by how much work you do, rather than whether you are actually in the building.

    Have any questions?  Give us a call or drop in!  You can also download the outreach handbook from the Alberta Ministry of Education in our downloads section, as well as our student handbook.

    If you need an education where a regular "sit in class" option won't do, then we have a program to fit you!


  • Provincial Diploma Exams are here!

    PDE's start this Thursday.  Please be in the school ready to go by 8:45 AM.

    July 12th, Thursday, English Language Arts 30-2.  Part A.

    July 13th, Friday, Social Studies 30-2.  Part A.


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